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Green Fungus/Algae/Mold Growing on Exterior Siding?

Do you have this Green Fungus/Algae/Mold growing on your home or building exterior siding? It's typically not a health hazard, but will rapidly worsen until it's removed. RESTORx can take this problem away with just one phone call. Not only is this unsightly it takes $$$ off your homes curb appeal. Do nothing and this can …


After a fire or other damage to your home or building, you will need boardup and emergency service. This term can apply to boarding up windows and doors, holes in walls such as an auto collision, tarping or patching a roof that is blown off or burnt, shoring up walls and roofs to prevent collapse, and numerous …

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"Thank you for coming to my rescue so fast. All of you treat me so great. Special Thanks to Vern and I can't say enough good about Kevin. Did a great job as usual and shorter time than he figured. You are all Angels."

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Barb Sweitzer February 8, 2016