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This content has been created for those in the insurance & construction industry. (A heating climate is where you spend more money on heating your home in the winter than money spent cooling you home in the summer.) VENTILATION MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS - The industry recognized rule-of-thumb for attic ventilation minimum requirements is to provide one …

2016 Best Contractor of the Year

Journal Standard has announced that it has named RESTORx of Freeport, IL, as its 2016 Best Contractor of the Year.

What Our Customers Have To Say...

"It's a BIG HIT! Thank you all for such a GREAT JOB! My In-Laws and our entire family loved all the work that your team did to RESTORE our Lake House! From the way you folded and boxed all of our clothes, to the terrific remodeling from wood, tile, and more,from the many phone calls