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How to properly use bleach in a flooded basement.

How to properly use bleach in a flooded basement.

With our recent flooding, many people are using bleach to clean their basements and some of their practices are not correct. First off, bleach is not typically considered a disinfectant but can be successfully used as a disinfectant with excellent results. Assuming you are using it on hard surfaces such as concrete floors and walls, …

Green Fungus/Algae/Mold Growing on Exterior Siding?

Do you have this Green Fungus/Algae/Mold growing on your home or building exterior siding? It's typically not a health hazard, but will rapidly worsen until it's removed. RESTORx can take this problem away with just one phone call. Not only is this unsightly it takes $$$ off your homes curb appeal. Do nothing and this can …

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"Thank you for coming to my rescue so fast. All of you treat me so great. Special Thanks to Vern and I can't say enough good about Kevin. Did a great job as usual and shorter time than he figured. You are all Angels."

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Barb Sweitzer February 8, 2016